Nomination committee

The nomination committee for Lammhults Design Group general meeting

Jerry Fredriksson – Elected by Canola AB (0708-12 84 21)
Sune Lundqvist – Elected by Input Interiör AB (070-592 28 38)
Gunnar Sjöberg – According to proxy (070-228 23 61)
Yngve Conradsson (chairman) – Elected by Scapa Capital AB (070-65 16 011)

Shareholders who would like to submit proposals to the nomination committee before the Annual General Meeting 2019 can submit their proposal by e-mail:, or by by regular mail to:

Lammhults Design Group AB
Yngve Conradsson
Box 75

To ensure that the Nomination Committee can deal with proposals in a constructive manner, proposals must be received by the Nomination Committee not later than on Thursday 7 March 2019, i.e. seven weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting which will be held on Thursday 25 April 2019.