Office & Home interiors

What the business area does and how it is organised

Office & Home Interiors develops, manufactures and markets products for interiors in public and domestic environments. The business area has three brands with high design values, focusing on public environments: Lammhults and Fora Form with visually strong, timeless furniture, and Abstracta, with acoustics products, products for visual communication and storage. The business area has two brands focusing on home interiors, namely Voice, which offers innovative storage solutions and Ire, which produces upholstered furniture featuring timeless design, clean lines and durable quality. Both Voice and Ire’s product ranges are in the process of being extended to include public interiors. The business area consists of the companies Lammhults Möbel AB in Lammhult, Ire Möbel AB in Tibro, Fora Form AS in Norway, Morgana AB in Bodafors and Abstracta AB in Lammhult plus subsidiaries.


In public environments the business area primarily works with architects and designers who recommend products to their clients. Retailers form an important part of the sales process that finishes with the end customer − usually companies, government agencies and organisations.

  • www.lammhults.se

    Swedish furniture history with a worldwide reputation. Continuity is a key word in the Lammhults Möbel history. From the start in the 1940s to the present day, long term design collaborations have contributed to creating iconic furniture as well as efficient manufacturing methods.

  • www.abstracta.se

    Design for better soundscapes and inspiring meetings. Modern office environments cause a growing need for sound absorption and good acoustics. Abstracta is an expert in the field and brings together sound absorbents with an appealing design and innovative meeting solutions with whiteboards.

  • www.voice.eu

    Intelligent storage, manufactured in Sweden. Voice represents classy furniture with smart storage solutions. While primarily addressing design conscious consumers on the home interior market, Voice also offers sophisticated solutions for public spaces.

  • www.iremobel.se

    Durable furniture makes the company develop. When it comes to timeless design and durability of products, Ire are uncompromising. This course was mapped out already by the start, in 1939, and the company is still on the same track. Ire is aimed primarily at the consumer market. The company is also a pioneer in sustainable furniture.

  • www.foraform.no

    Scandinavian design creating valuable meetings. Due to its high level of ambition when it comes to design, as well as specialized knowledge in the culture of meetings, Norwegian Fora Form is one of Scandinavia's leading furniture suppliers. Their focus on meetings has given the company a unique position and a strong brand.

  • www.ragnars.se

    Designer furniture for public offices and environments. Ragnars is a Swedish furniture company founded in the 1950s. The brand Ragnars was born in 2001 and today they develop products of their own as well as in collaboration with architects and designers. The main market is Sweden, the major export markets Norway, Denmark and Germany.

  • www.morgana.se

    Morgana develops flexible solutions for offices and public spaces. Aiming to offer an interior design option, not a product, Morgana combines knowledge in spatial design and manufacturing technology with innovative solutions and effortless communication. Morgana’s range consists of glass partitions, furniture and sound absorbents. On top of that they are experts at producing custom made furnishings.

Key figures

Unit 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Net sales SEK million 372.0 383.5 520.4 489.2 572.4
Operating profit* SEK million 5.6 17.2 36.9 34.0 38.1
Operating margin % 1.5 4.5 7.1 7.0 6.7
Capital employed SEK million 150.0 175.9 184.3 180.3 257.2
Return on capital employed % 3.3 10.6 20.5 18.7 14.8
Investments SEK million 10.3 11.1 18.9 24.1 37.8
Average number of employees 207 199 242 237 273

* excluding administration fees to the Parent Company. The economic results of the business areas as above are accounted for in accordance with IFRS.