Designer furniture for inspiring workplaces

Senab Eikeland is one of Norway’s leading retailers of furniture for offices and public spaces. They are based in Stavanger, Arendal, Bergen, Bodø, Gjøvik, Haugesund, Kristiansand, Oslo and Tønsberg. The range includes four of Lammhults Design Group’s brands: Abstracta, Fora Form, Ire and Lammhults Möbel.

The dealer: Senab Eikeland

Senab Eikeland takes the physical workplace with the utmost seriousness and its vision is to create inspiring environments at work. Martin Kamp is a sales manager and talks about how furniture from Lammhults Design Group’s brands strengthens Senab Eikeland’s offering.

“Fora Form has been one of our most important suppliers since we began working closely with the company at the end of the 1990s. Rapid follow-up, easy sketching tools, expert staff and a high degree of flexibility are characteristics that we appreciate in our work in sales. Basically it is good products and lots of new products that suit our projects that are the deciding factors, and here Fora Form and Lammhults Design Group’s other brands always deliver.”

Lammhults Design Group helps to ensure that we live up to our motto of being proactive, skilled and proud.

Senab Eikeland has worked with Lammhults Möbel for about ten years and recently Abstracta has grown from being a small niche supplier to being a significant part of the range.

“They are brands that stand for quality and good design. With their latest product launches, there’s no doubt that Lammhults will strengthen their position with us. In the acoustic segment, Abstracta is probably our biggest supplier. Recently we’ve also brought Ire into the range and I see great potential in their seating.” With its broad range of designer furniture and knowledge of interiors and architecture, Lammhults Design Group is a key supplier and a reassuring part of the relationships between clients and architects for Senab Eikeland.