Increased growth and a broader offering

In line with the Group’s strategy of growing with profitability, three acquisitions were carried out in 2016: Ragnars, renowned for exciting design solutions, and Morgana and S-Line. The acquired companies will take on different roles in the Group.

Ragnars will continue as a company and brand in its own right within Lammhults Design Group. Morgana will be run by Abstracta but will continue to develop as a separate company and brand. S-Line in turn has been integrated with Abstracta and is now part of the company’s offering. S-Line’s expertise and products give Abstracta greater breadth in its acoustic products offering.


Ragnars is an exciting addition to the Group’s designer offering for public environments. The company has a history of innovative design solutions and a capacity to forge its own path, which the market appreciates.

Morgana creates opportunities for all offices and public environmnts looking for flexibility. The focus is on producing customised interior solutions and the range includes glass walls, furniture and sound absorbers. Morgana gives Abstracta and the Group a broader interface with the market and resources to meet a growing need for acoustic interiors.

S-Line gives Abstracta access to more than 30 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing acoustic products, thus broadening its offering even further.