Library Interiors

Library Interiors develops, markets and sells interiors and product solutions primarily for libraries. The business area is partly engaged in project sales of complete interior design solutions through Schulz Speyer and BCI, and partly in aftermarket sales of furniture and consumables through Eurobib Direct, a catalogue and web-based business.

Ål Library, Norge. Photographer Helge Eek

Result for the year 2022

Net sales:   SEK 271.2 million (270.4)
Operating profit: SEK 18.6 million (28.3)
Share of activity: 33%

Largest markets
France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the UK

BCI, Eurobib Direct, Schulz Speyer


Library Interiors’ operations are geared towards all kinds of libraries; local libraries, university libraries, school libraries, etc. Europe is the main geographical focus, although the business area constantly receives orders from other parts of the world, especially North America, but also the Middle East and North Africa.

The business mainly consists of development, marketing and sales of a range of interior design products. With our in-house interior designers, we also devote considerable resources to helping clients to identify their own creative interior design solutions and creative specialist products.

The majority of sales are project-based, i.e. when a new library is built or an existing library is rebuilt or refurbished. Library Interiors also conducts direct sales of individual products under the Eurobib Direct brand. These are online sales via the brand’s own online shop plus catalogue sales of aftermarket products. The Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Denmark and Norway – account for a third of sales. The largest single market is France, which accounts for around 20% of sales, with the second largest market being Germany.