Sustainability management

The Group’s social and environmental sustainability management is mainly governed by the codes of conduct and guidelines laid down by the Board of Directors.

Fora Form, Fjell

In summary, work in this area sees Lammhults Design Group operating in line with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and with the guiding standard ISO 26000, which has been implemented in the majority of the Group’s companies.

Sustainability is integrated into the companies’ business processes and an integral part of their management systems, with the majority of subsidiaries being third-party certified in line with ISO 14001. The senior management team seeks to ensure that responsibility and authority are clearly embedded in strategic local company management, where tangible improvements for the economy, environment, people and society are measured and monitored. Direct responsibility for the environment, health and safety and ethics rests with each Group company on the ground.

The management systems of Lammhults Möbel and Abstracta are also third-party certified and approved under both ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001, with a transition to ISO 45001 in the pipeline. Fora Form was ISO 45001 certified as early as 2018 and is also certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In 2022, Lammhults Design Group will earmark resources to strengthen competence in the field of sustainability and to improve internal monitoring of compliance with the Group’s guidelines.

Sustainability policy

The policy sets out guidelines on product development, choice of materials, production processes and how employees should interact with the outside world. It provides guidance on how company employees can constantly endeavour to put systematic and structured improvements in place. The information it contains encourages proactivity and skills development to ensure that the Group remains competitive and complies with the requirements and guidelines that govern its activities.

Supplier code of conduct

Lammhults Design Group’s suppliers are an extension of the Group’s operations and there is an expectation that they will act in accordance with the Group’s values and policies. In 2022, Lammhults Design Group will conduct a structured, systematic, physical audit of the majority of suppliers in which these will be rated.

Employee code of conduct

The code instructs employees on how to act within the company and towards customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Issues covered include business ethics, anti-corruption, fair competition and bribery. It also addresses how the company is to act towards its employees in terms of human rights, equal treatment, equality and diversity, as well as the Group’s approach to health and safety at work.