Sustainability vision

Lammhults Design Group’s sustainability vision is to take action to mitigate the Group’s climate impact, while simultaneously being a good sustainable development role model in society as a whole.

Lammhults möbel, Sunny

In the future, Lammhults Design Group also sees greater opportunities to create business models that generate a totally new playing field in terms of circularity, to benefit the environment, society and the business. Lammhults Design Group will be the industry’s first choice as customers choose to do business with responsible, circular, sustainable companies.

Separability and circular flows are natural elements in Lammhults Design Group’s business model. Reducing the Group’s environmental and life cycle impact will make our products more cost-effective in terms of life cycle cost analysis, so boosting our competitiveness.

Lammhults Design Group’s conscious choices and strategy mean that the Group’s products will be both up-to-date and sustainable, for generations of users to come.