Investment strategy

Lammhults Design Group’s strategy is founded on long-term investment in companies that have their own products and brands. Acquisition candidates must have potential for development and operate in the interior design and furniture industry. They must be relevant in terms of their size and have an established sustainability agenda.

Lammhults Möbel, A22

Our investment criteria

  • The company has a design profile that ties in with Lammhults Design Group’s ethos
  • Forecasts for the future in the product segment are positive and show profitable growth
  • Opportunity to secure a favourable position in the value chain
  • Potential for geographical expansion
  • Operates in the market with its own products sold under its own brands and is based in Northern Europe.
  • Product range: furniture, lighting, carpets and acoustics
  • Customer segments: public spaces, office environments and homes
  • Profitable business whose size of turnover fits our corporate governance model
  • Potential for geographical expansion
  • Enables us to add value to the company