Lammhults Design Group as an investment

Lammhults Design Group

Five incentives to invest in Lammhults Design Group

1. Change creates demand
Lammhults Design Group benefits from constant change in the office market and the design of public spaces. This remains the case whether the interior design trends are about individual rooms, open-plan offices or more people working from home. All these kinds of changes create demand for our products.

2Strong brands with a focus on public spaces and office environments
Lammhults Design Group is clearly positioned with its own brands, which number some of the strongest in the furniture industry.  We currently specialise in the contract market, but our range also speaks to a broader customer base.

3. Sustainable innovation and product development create growth
Maintaining our positions demands ongoing innovation and product development. Our timeless product design and high quality mean we are well placed to help reduce consumption of resources. We are also well positioned with “repair, reuse and recycle”, meeting market expectations of circular flows.

4. Financial stability gives us freedom to act
Lammhults Design Group’s low net debt and high equity/assets ratio place us on a firm footing for organic growth and growth through acquisitions. We have good market insight, a broad network and a process for integrating and developing acquisitions.

5. Delegated responsibility provides speed and flexibility
The Group is managed by a senior management team combined with delegated business acumen. This means we can adjust quickly and flexibly, both when the market slows down and when demand increases.